Project Description

Brand Name:  ATFU LED

Product Name:  5050 RGBW SMD LED

Item NO.: AT-5050RGBW-16T

Certification:  ISO9001:2015/ROHS

Product name 5050 RGBW LED Package 5050 size
CCT/Wavelength RGBW Power 300mw/0.3w
Brightness 1.4-2LM(R),3.5-5.5LM(G),1.2-1.8LM(B),7.0-9.0LM(W) Voltage **v @ 20ma

1.6mm height 5050 RGBW with 8 pins for flash light strip

  • Features :

  1. PLCC-8 package.
  2. RGBW 4 in 1  package.
  3. Optical indicator.
  4. Ideal for backlight and light pipe application.
  5. Inter reflector.
  6. Low current (2mA) operation.
  7. Wide viewing angle.
  8. Suitable for vapor-phase reflow, infrared reflow and wave solder processes.
  9. Computable with automatic placement equipment.
  10. Available on tape and reel (12mm Tape).
  11. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version.
  • Applications:

  1. Automotive: Backlight in dashboards and switches.
  2. Telecommunication: Indicator and backlight in telephone and fax.
  3. Indicator and backlight for audio and video equipment.
  4. Indicator and backlight in office and family equipment.
  5. Flat backlight for LCD’s, switches and symbols.
  6. Programable Digital Addressable Pixel Led lLight Strip.
  7. Flexible Outdoor Lighting.
  8. General use.
  • Package

  1. Package in regular size reel for SMT
  2. 1000pcs per reel
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