Project Description

Brand Name:  ATFU LED

Product Name: 3.0mm Round Circuit Board Indicator  LED

Item NO.:  AT-1C-30XD

Certification:  ISO9001:2015/ROHS

Product name 3.0mm Round Circuit Board LED Indicator Package 3mm lamp led
CCT/Wavelength Red/yellow/green/blue Power 75mw
Brightness 30-300mcd Voltage 1.8-3.4v @ 20ma

3mm round type lamp led in a plastic holder case for Circuit Board or Computer indicator


  1. Low power consumption.
  2. General purpose leads.
  3. Lamp led with Rectangular Plastic Holder outside.
  4. 3mm Right Angle led with base.
  5. Available in optional sourcing color.
  6. High efficiency.
  7. Reliable and robust.
  8. Compliance with EU REACH.
  9. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version.


  1. Telephone.
  2. Computer.
  3. Monitor or Circuit board Indicator.
  4. Status indicators.
  5. Commercial use.
Prodcut No. Emitting Color Wavelength Luminous Intensity Voltage Len Color
AT-1C-30SRD Hyper Red 660nm 30-60mcd 1.8-2.2V Red diffused
AT-1C-30YD Yellow 590nm 30-45mcd 1.8-2.2V Yellow diffused
AT-1C-30YGD Yellow Green 575nm 60-80mcd 1.8-2.2V Green diffused
AT-1C-30GD Green 525nm 60-80mcd 2.8-3.3V Green diffused
AT-1C-30BD Blue 470nm 130-300mcd 2.8-3.3V Blue diffused

Tower Option: 1/2/3/4 stacked right angle indicator

Color Option: red/yellow/green/blue right angle indicator

Size option: 3mm/5mm right angle indicator

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